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Contract Manufacturing in Mexico

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Medical Devices

To reduce costs and free up resources, OEM's turn to us to replace or supplement production of Class I and II medical products, including disposables, surgical, mechanical, electronic devices & kits.

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For over 30 years, our electronics division has been manufacturing high-quality consumer and industrial electronics and subassemblies including power supplies, cables and harnesses, PCBs, and battery packs.

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Quality is a paramount value at Coastline International. Coastline is registered with the FDA and an ISO 13485 & 9001 certified manufacturer.

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We provide our customers with access to a highly skilled, low-cost labor market in Mexico, resulting in significant reduction of manufacturing costs.

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Our Tijuana Mexico plant location offers important nearshore manufacturing advantages, including proximity to San Diego, multiple ports of entry, and international seaports.

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Contact manufacturing in Mexico can provide a number of benefits. Working with Coastline to outsource manufacturing to our Tijuana Mexico facilities will allow you to optimize your domestic operations. Nearshore manufacturing in Mexico with Coastline will give you the ability to:

Coastline specializes in offshore (nearshore) medical device manufacturing and electronics manufacturing and we have extensive experience working in the aerospace and consumer goods sectors. A typical Coastline client develops their products in the United States, outsources some or all of their manufacturing to our Mexico facility, and markets & sells their products in domestic and international markets.


With several hundred skilled employees, Coastline offers high-level manufacturing support in the medical device, biotech/pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace, commercial construction, and consumer product sectors. Some examples of manufacturing capabilities include:

Our team can also manage the procurement and logistics processes for you, including the full “turnkey” solution of procurement of materials and components, materials management, alternate source suggestions, and import/export management. Per ISO standards, Coastline can perform quality assurance testing and first article inspection to ensure that every finished good meets your exact specifications before being shipped to its destination.


Coastline is the preferred manufacturing partner of many well-known OEM brands and organizations. We build lasting, long-term relationships with our customers who choose to outsource their manufacturing to Mexico for the free trade cost benefits afforded by USMCA (formerly NAFTA). Coastline offers contract manufacturing in Mexico, import/export management, skilled labor, shelter services, California and international ports of entry, timely delivery, and 40 years of dependable service.

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